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Typical dieback caused by topping. Proper tree trimming is science driven art. There is no science that supports the destructive practice of topping a tree.

Topping reduces food-making capacity. Trees require a large leaf surface area to provide food for maintenance and growth. Topping cuts off a major portion of the tree's foodmaking potential and depletes the tree's stored reserves.


Tree trimming is where only the lower limbs on a tree are removed. This is the most popular type of pruning. Below is a photo showing the benefit of raising the canopy on a tree. This tree was blocking the view of the house, overhanging the sidewalk, overpowering the landscaping. The after effect is increased curb appeal. Look honey we have a front door, landscaping and a bay window!

Palm tree trimming:

Palm trees don't need pampering, but an occasional trim will keep them healthy and looking their best. Remove yellow, brown and broken fronds, along with any seed pods and fruit stalks. The fruit is also removed because it can stain sidewalks and cause a safety hazard for people below the tree. Brown and yellow fronds also harbor insects and rodents. Finally, palms should never be topped, or have the crown cut off. The crown will not grow back on a shorter trunk and the tree will not branch. Instead, it will kill the tree.

Stump Grinding

Our service is fast, easy and straightforward. You’ll find we can convert any tree stump to a pile of woodchips with the minimum of fuss and disturbance!

Our tree stump removal machine is very light and won’t leave a gaping hole! . We simply grind out tree stumps and surface roots and reduce the stump to a pile of woodchips. This allows replanting or ground preparations for extensions, lawns or wall footings.

Lot Clearing

Clearing land for new construction is the most sensitive type of property development performed. You can trust EF Arbor Services, Inc with your future home site. It must be cleared the right way. Land clearing has to be done in a specific order so your desired end result is obtained. If you’re not sure what you want, we have the experience and creativity when starting with a rough site plan. This includes wooded lots. EF Arbor Services, Inc provides all site work and other services related to residential land clearing, including underbrush removal.

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